The End Of Fifty Shades

I do not own this imagine

I do not own this imagine

Saturday I went to see the last installment of Fifty Shades.  I have been thinking all weekend what to write in regards to the end of this franchise.  

First let me say I am a huge fan of these books.  I have all three Fifty Shades books and I am currently reading the second book through Christian's eyes.  I also have all three soundtracks.  My favorite book is Fifty Shades Darker, my favorite song is Code Blue by the Dream for the Darker soundtrack and my favorite movie is Fifty Shades Freed.  

Now that I got that out of the way, I am going to try to put my feelings down as best as I can.  First and foremost, I give E.L James a round of applause for a fantastic series  You absolutely went out in style with this last movie.  I enjoyed it better than the other two movies.  You finished your series on your own terms with style and grace. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson continue to play these roles despite the negative reviews they received in regards to these roles.  We watched them grow into these roles as the characters did in the books.  Honestly they were not my first choice for these roles but they played them perfectly.  From Christian's stick up his ass in the first book to Anastasia being a virgin and getting her sex on lol to relaxing into their roles so we can feel the love and growth between the characters.

When the series first came out it received a lot of backlash for the simple writing and for the BDSM scenes in the book.  In my opinion this series was for pure enjoyment.  It gave people a release from their everyday lives.  It showed a story of two people from different backgrounds come together with one main goal.  They wanted to be each others everything.

Even though this is not your typical love story, it is a love story no less.  Outside of the sex scenes the story behind it is one of learning to open ones self to being loved.  Christian had a lot of demons from his past that he could not let go of no matter how hard he tried.  When he meet Anastasia he thought he would have a "different relationship" with her.  He didn't realize at the time she would become his everything.  From Lela, Jack Hyde and Elena they all played a part in trying to stop their relationship, but it didn't work.  At one point I think Elena thought it would be her instead of Anastasia ...HA !! Fat chance.  

I am truly sad to see these series end.  

Through it all from the twist and the turns, to the ups and downs they loved each other for who and what they were.  I want your world to begin and end with me; Christian Grey.