Hi everyone my name is Natasha and I am formally journeyto402016. Well that journey is over and I am officially 43.  I was born and raised in Queens, New York.  I am single, divorced and I have no children.  I decided to start my blog because I could not find women like me and the things that I like and that I am into.  Plus you can say I am a late bloomer so a lot of the things I see across  Social Media and blogs I have never done before, so I wanted to share my journey with you guys on the next chapter in life.  I am still new to blogging so I am going to take you guys along for the good times and the bad times, plus share somethings I think can be useful.

I didn’t realize how much work blogging and keeping up your social media accounts are, but I want to be successful at this and I hope all of you who choose to follow me will enjoy it as I much as I do.  Enjoy!!

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