Favorite Beauty Products 2017 Part 1

When I started to watch You Tube I found a blogger by the name of SunKissAbla.  I am pretty sure some of you have heard or her.  She blogs about using all natural products and eating healthy.  She also shares her healthy beauty routine.  After watching her channel I decided to try some of the products she uses in creating my own beauty routine.   I am starting to slowly, but I have stuck to many of the products I am going to share for the past two years.  

Dr.Bronner's Castile Soap in Lavender scent is one of my favorites.  I have tried many of their scents but I always go back to the lavender scent. It also helps calm my muscles down after Muay Thai. A lot of people start off with the peppermint scent and I did also, but since I have always love the lavender scent.  I use this clarify my hair, brush my teeth, shower and clean.  Dr. Bronner's is a 18 in 1 soap, so you can use it for all purposes.  In the beginning it was a little drying on my skin, but after a couple of weeks my skin return to what I consider normal.  My breakouts  are far and few in between and my skin is so much softer since I started using this product.  It is just an all around product and I love it.

I don't wear make-up often but when I do I always wash my face with this soap.  It gets all your make-up off and sometimes I don't use make-up remover.  I use this depending on how make-up I have on that evening.  If are trying to slowly move into more healthy skin care products, I suggest this soap.  It is just an all around natural product. 

My next favorite products are by Shea Moisture African Black Soap Collection.  The Black soap itself has such a wonderful smell.  It just smells so good.  I use this soap for my everyday facial soap.  I use this soap with a buff puff (how many of you remember buff puffs lol).  I use this every morning and night, but I only use the buff puff in the morning.  It works for me.  At night if I scrub my face I find that my face is a little red in the morning so I just use my hands just to wash off the dirt of the day.  The next Shea Moisture product I use is the African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer.  I don't use this often.  I mainly use it when I see I have breakouts and I don't want to use an oil on my face.  This is nice an light and does  work.   I use it when I have a  breakout,  and after a couple of days they are gone.

After I wash my face I always tone.  I use to use a lot of product with alcohol. These products would dry my face out and my face would be tight after using certain toners.  I remember years ago people use to recommend witch hazel to me, but I never bother to investigate the product.  Once I decided that I wanted to improve my skin and try more natural products I researched toners.  A bunch of different ones came up but I just decided to go with Thayers.  It is light and does not leave your skin dry.  I just put some on a cotton round after I wash my face and wipe my face and that is it.  I use the Lavender scented one of course (also because purple is my favorite color), it really does calm my skin down and it is so refreshing. 

Moringa Oil is one of favorite oils that has improved my skin 100%.  After I wash my face and use a toner I 99% use this oil.  All I do is put at least 10 drops in the palm of my hand at night and rub it into my skin.  I use this twice a day.  In the morning I mixed this oil (3 drops)  with Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50.  ( I am 41 so I have to use sunscreen products) Just make sure you use cold pressed oils. 

These are just a couple of my favorite beauty products right now, that I used everyday.  Enjoy!!